1. That’s it.

  2. Great end to a great day golfing with @skewdog (at D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club)

  3. unamusedsloth:

    Geometric fascination.

  4. The Bow. #yyc #bow (at The Bow)

  6. A lot of people are having a bad day. Remember how good we have it.

  7. retrogasm:

    Breaking News… Robin Williams Dead at 63

    R.I.P. Robin WIlliams

  8. Shoe shine Sunday. All ready to own this week! #Gucci #Prada

  9. Not sure if I’m more upset that giant hornets exist, or that Hong Kong has moved to a different continent.

  10. Drinking Boh out of the cup. (at Clearsand Beach Christopher Lake SK)

  11. Stanley, Robyn and I

  12. I have always handled this situation incorrectly. Now I know.

  13. Earlier today. My cousin taking the minis out for some racing. His Australian pit crew standing by after getting everything ready. (at Dewberry Races)

  14. Ended up driving into this shiticane tonight. Fantastic lighting show. (at Spiritwood Sask)

  15. Old farm house in a canola field