1. Calling it now so nobody can say I am a bandwagoneer. Leafs are winning the cup this season. #Leafs @d_booth7

  2. Missing this silly bitch on #nationaldogsday

  3. That’s it.

  4. Great end to a great day golfing with @skewdog (at D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club)

  5. unamusedsloth:

    Geometric fascination.

  6. The Bow. #yyc #bow (at The Bow)

  8. A lot of people are having a bad day. Remember how good we have it.

  9. retrogasm:

    Breaking News… Robin Williams Dead at 63

    R.I.P. Robin WIlliams

  10. Shoe shine Sunday. All ready to own this week! #Gucci #Prada

  11. Not sure if I’m more upset that giant hornets exist, or that Hong Kong has moved to a different continent.

  12. Drinking Boh out of the cup. (at Clearsand Beach Christopher Lake SK)

  13. Stanley, Robyn and I

  14. I have always handled this situation incorrectly. Now I know.

  15. Earlier today. My cousin taking the minis out for some racing. His Australian pit crew standing by after getting everything ready. (at Dewberry Races)