1. Yum a dum, dum!

  2. Found my Ricky Vaughn rookie card.

  3. Hector.

  4. Supercar Vs Motorbike Vs F1 Car - Top Gear Festival Sydney

    (Source: youtube.com)

  5. #leftout #justwatching #behereifyouneedme #dontmindme

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  8. New pan. Watch out!

  9. Calling it now so nobody can say I am a bandwagoneer. Leafs are winning the cup this season. #Leafs @d_booth7

  10. Missing this silly bitch on #nationaldogsday

  11. That’s it.

  12. Great end to a great day golfing with @skewdog (at D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club)

  13. unamusedsloth:

    Geometric fascination.

  14. The Bow. #yyc #bow (at The Bow)